Can You Use Egg Yolks to Revitalize Your Hair?

Our hair takes a beating. Whether it’s the chemicals we use to style it or the weather we force it to endure, it can start to look a little worse for wear. When that happens, it gets dull and flat. That’s enough to wreck anyone’s mood.

To ensure our hair is at its best, we need to pack it full of nutrients. By doing this, we bring out its natural shine and volume. This might surprise some, but egg yolk used on hair can produce some amazing results.

How Does It Help?

You might not necessarily want to crack an egg on your hair, but you should still consider it. Egg yolk is full of important nutrients that help our health. These include calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, and folate.

It’s common knowledge we should eat it for our health, but egg yolk used on hair is just as important. By applying it to our hair, those nutrients can help it grow quicker. It can also build up strength in the hair, which makes it less susceptible to damage.

How Do I Use It?

There’s a variety of different ways that you can use the yolk from an egg to help your hair. A hair mask is the most obvious way, as it really lets the yolk soak into your hair and scalp. It’s possible to also use egg yolk as the base for a ‘super mask.’ By that we mean you can add other products to it to really revitalize your hair.

There’s no point getting wrapped in hair masks though if you aren’t going to address the dietary need for egg yolk. By eating whole eggs, you feed your whole body the nutrients rather than just applying them to the hair. If eating them isn’t an option, yolk supplements are also available.

In Conclusion

Our hair is important, and egg yolk used on hair gives it the best chance at being healthy. We want to repay our hair for everything we put it through and a yolk hair mask could be the answer.

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