What Does Calcium Do for Your Hair?

We often hear about the many health benefits of calcium. Since we were little, we were always told that drinking a lot of milk – which is one of the main sources of calcium – is crucial for healthy bones and teeth. However, it seems that this mineral is as important for our hair health.

So, what is the connection between calcium and hair health?

Calcium and Hair Growth

The reason why calcium is so important for hair health is its effect on enzymes and hormones that play a vital role in our hair growth. It aids the secretion of biotin enzymes and androgen hormones – both of which are important for healthy, strong hair. Calcium can also improve your body’s ability to absorb iron, which is involved in healthy hair growth, especially in premenopausal female pattern hair loss.

Another connection between calcium and hair growth is hypocalcemia, or calcium deficiency disease. One of the main symptoms of this disease can be hair loss or slower hair growth.

What Can You Do?

Most people can get their daily recommended calcium intake with a regular diet, as this mineral is very common in many popular foods. As little as two glasses of milk or one glass of yogurt should do the trick. However, the problem arises for vegans, since dairy is one of the main sources calcium.

Vegans can opt for foods like tofu, almond butter, and calcium-fortified orange juice and soy milk. Research has also found that calcium works best when paired with vitamin D, as this vitamin can increase calcium absorption.


The link between calcium and hair health has been well studied. So, if you notice your hair has been thinning or growing slower, contact your doctor so he or she can determine whether you’re suffering from calcium deficiency.

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