Is the New Graphene Hair Dye Safe to Use?

Going to the hair salon is a part of life for many people. Especially for those who have gray hair. But, hair dyes can take a toll. Is a new graphene hair dye safe to use?

The Research

Hair loss due to over-processing and chemical damage is an unfortunate part of life for some. But, is there a way to bypass this heavy price for beauty? Some researchers think so.

Researchers formulated a new, safer hair color alternative. And, it’s a graphene-based solution. This thin layer of carbon was brushed onto blonde human hair strands for testing.

And, they yielded interesting results. The dye performed like a bleach-based dye. But, it also made the hair immune to frizz and static.

In addition, the dye also had some waterproof properties. This suggests that the graphene dye may go longer between washes than other types of dyes. The solution may also be customized by shade to create an ombre look.

But, how safe is it? In terms of your hair health it is safer than using a bleach-based dye. This is because this new solution relies on brushing it onto the surface of the hair. Essentially, it is a hair color coating.

And, this is much safer than the chemical dye that traditional hair dyes rely on.

Over-Processing Hair Damage

Is it worth it to switch over to this new hair dye? That answer strongly depends on how much you process your hair now. In general, not using chemicals are a good thing.

However, it is more important if you chronically dye and use heat tools on your hair. Frequent and over-processing can lead to hair breakage. And, it may also lead to chemical trauma.

Lastly, hair loss from over-processing may lead to a permanent condition. So, any alternative is preferable to using chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Is graphene hair dye safe to use? The answer is a resounding “yes!” But, chemical dyes are so unhealthy for your hair that the only other “safe” alternative would be not using them at all.

So, if you are not going to stop processing your hair, this new dye provides a healthy compromise.

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