Can You Regrow Your Hair with Mesotherapy?

People who suffer from hair loss often try a number of methods to regrow their hair. This process can sometimes be very exhausting. One of the very popular recent treatments has been mesotherapy.

Here, we’ll reveal whether you can regrow your hair with mesotherapy and how it works.

What Is Mesotherapy?

French physician Dr. Michael Pistor first experimented with superficial injections of procaine as a way of treating different conditions. This method was later on referred to as mesotherapy.

Today, it is a combination of both physical and chemical stimulation. Patients normally receive small doses of specific medication that target selected areas in the body. Additionally, doctors use needles to create micro perforations in the skin and inject additional medications. These perforations have the purpose of enabling a healing process.

Can You Regrow Your Hair with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is used to treat androgenic alopecia (pattern hair baldness) in both men and women. Its goal is to reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation in order to stimulate hair growth. Some of the active ingredients used in mesotherapy are acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and biochanin A.

How successful this method is, remains unclear. Some scientists claim that there are multiple side effects which can, ironically, include scarring and hair loss.

Others vouch for the 90% chances of success with mesotherapy. Recently, the UK’s MHRA has licensed and the FDA approved two different mesotherapy methods for regrowing hair.

Final Thoughts

Although there is no consensus among medical experts on the effectiveness of mesotherapy, it has shown good results in numerous cases. If you decide to try and regrow your hair with mesotherapy, make sure to use products from reliable sources, and use as instructed.

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