4 Proven Ways to Repair Perm-Damaged Hair

Although a perm might look great on you, there is no doubt that it can cause a substantial amount of hair damage. Since it alters the hair structure, it’s possible to experience some hair damage if the hair isn’t properly neutralized and rinsed. So, if your hair does get damaged as a result of your perm, how can you undo this damage?

Here are four ways you can repair perm-damaged hair.

Talk to Your Stylist

To repair the damage done by a perm, you can ask your stylist to give you a reverse perm. This process takes curl out of your hair and is used to counteract the perming solution.

Cut Your Hair

Another thing you can do is cut as much of the ends as you’re comfortable with. Make regular appointments with your hairdresser every five to seven weeks, until you manage to grow out the damaged hair completely. This method requires the most time and patience but eventually yields the best results.

Use Hot Oil Treatment

Since a perm can leave your hair dry, you can use hot oil hair treatment to restore moisture. You can either get a hot oil hair kit at your local pharmacy or you can make it at home by heating up olive oil until it starts to get warm to the touch.

Use a Conditioning Mask

Work the conditioner through your hair and leave it on for several minutes. Rinse it out to restore moisture and repeat this treatment once a week.

The Bottom Line

Treating your hair with care is especially important when you want to repair perm-damaged hair. Follow these simple tips to minimize hair damage caused by a perm and make sure you keep your hair moisturized during this time.

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