The “Vampire Treatment” for Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

How scary does a “vampire treatment’ sound? It’s actually a very promising therapy for people with alopecia areata. This type of hair loss is permanent and responds to almost no treatments. However, recent studies found that the “vampire treatment” may yield good results.

In this article, you’ll find out the main facts on the “vampire treatment” for hair loss.

What is ‘’Vampire Treatment’’ for Hair Loss

This treatment relies on drawing blood from the patient’s body to be processed afterwards in a machine that removes the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). After the processing, PRP is injected specifically in the bald patches. The idea is that the stem cells from the blood would increase the chances of hair regrowth.

Who It’s For

PRP treatment gives best results on patients with alopecia areata, also known as spot baldness. It can affect both men and women of any age. Since this is a permanent type of hair loss, it means that the cells need stimulation in order to start growing hair again, which is where PRP steps in. Unfortunately, if the disease is progressed, this method may not be effective.

Recent Research on “Vampire Treatment”

One study compared effects of PRP therapy against triamcinolone acetonide (TrA) and a placebo treatment. The research involved 45 volunteers with alopecia areata. They received one of the above treatments in random.

After the course of 12 months, the researchers evaluated the results and concluded that the group treated with PRP showed much higher percentage of hair regrowth. The best part is that none of them reported any side effects.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the main facts on the “vampire treatment” for hair loss. It is still new, but very promising method for patients who would otherwise face permanent baldness.

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