Should You Dry Your Hair Before Applying Minoxidil?

If you have a hair loss condition chances are your doctor has mentioned or prescribed minoxidil. This should come as no surprise since minoxidil is currently one of the most efficient clinically proven medications on the market. However, while this drug can help with many types of hair loss, many people (including doctors) are still unsure what is the best way to use it. A popular debate is whether the drug should be applied on wet or dry hair.

So, should you use minoxidil on wet or dry hair?

The Efficacy of Minoxidil on Wet or Dry Hair

With this question in mind, the scientists from the University of Brasilia set out to discover what is the best way to apply minoxidil. They conducted in-vitro experiments using pig and rat skin and found that using minoxidil on a slightly damp scalp is more efficient than applying it to a dry scalp.

The researchers believe there are two reasons for this. Firstly, a moist follicular cast may allow for better drug diffusion and deposition into our hair follicles. Secondly, a wet scalp can prevent drug crystallization, which can lead to better drug penetration.

Worries about Drug Dilution

So, according to these scientists, minoxidil should be used on damp hair because it improves absorption. However, having a wet scalp raises one important concern – the drug may become diluted by the water which can decrease its efficacy.

That is why many doctors still recommend using minoxidil on dry hair.

Final Word

So, should you use minoxidil on wet or dry hair? Research shows that a slightly damp scalp can improve the drug’s penetration. However, make sure your scalp isn’t too wet, as it can dilute the drug and affect its efficacy.

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