Reduce Hair Fall In Less Than 45 Days With Radish

Radish (Raphanus Sativus) is used since centuries to treat hair fall issues like dandruff and hair loss etc. Packed with vitamin A, K, and C, it stimulates hair growth. Daily consumption of radishes fights and the black radish juice, when applied topically, stimulates hair growth. It is proven remedy that helps to strengthen hair roots and imparts shine to locks. Iron found in it maintains healthy locks and boost its overall texture and health. The water content in radish keeps scalp well nourished and stronger. Antioxidants and vitamin C helps in preventing free radicals that cause cancer.


Tip 1: Radish Consumption

1. Radish + Black Pepper + Rock Salt

You Will Need:

a) 20 grams radish
b) 3 pinch black pepper powder
c) 3 pinch rock salt



a) Take radish and cut it into tiny pieces.
b) Sprinkle black pepper and rock salt powder.
c) Mix it well and consume it twice a day.
e) You can also add some honey for better taste.

2. Eat Radish for four months to treat male pattern baldness or consume raw radish or its juice, or take as a salad.

Tip 2: Radish Juice Massage

a) Peel out a fresh radish and extract out the juice from it.
b) Rub it over your hair scalp and cover your head for nearly half an hour.
c) Leave the mixture whole night and rinse off next morning.



a) Every morning, rub the balding areas on the scalp with a clean cloth soaked in radish juice.
b) Repeat it until you feel the burning sensation and leave it for 1 hour.

Tip 3: Black Sesame Seed Oil Remedy

This remedy helps in opening nerves in your head and eliminates extra phlegm located in the neck area. Phlegm hinders the supply of nutrition to your scalp and results in hair loss or premature graying.


a) Take 1 cup black sesame seeds oil and heat it lightly.
b) Put few drops of oil in your nostrils or ears and inhale it strongly.
c) Finally, do gargling with it for 2 to 3 minutes and spit it out.

Tip 4: Triphala + Radish Juice Rinse

You Will Need:

a) 1 spoon Triphala powder
b) 1 cup water
c) Radish juice



a) Take Triphala powder and add it to water.
b) Boil it till it forms a smooth paste.
c) Filter it to get the hot brownish liquid.
d) Apply radish juice and wash your scalp with this Triphala deduction after 1 hour.
e) Repeat the process for about three months.

Note: to get the best result, apply the juice at night before sleeping.

Tip 5: Radish + Honey


a) Take one radish and cut it into two halves.
b) In a pan, add radish and honey.
c) Heat it for few hours.
d) Your juice is ready. Consume it orally or apply it over your scalp.
f) Leave the liquid overnight and then wash off the hairs following day.

Tip 6: Black Radish Mask

Black radish (Black Spanish or Black Spanish) when applied on hairs work against the excess secretion of sebum, fights dandruff, stops hair loss and strengthens roots.



a) Peel one radish and then grate it.
b) Extract out the juice using a sieve, gauze or using your palm.
Note: store the extra juice in the fridge.
d) Rub it over the scalp and put on a towel.
e) Leave it undisturbed for nearly an hour or overnight and then rinse it off with shampoo.

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