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Is Hair Loss After a Bone Marrow Transplant Permanent?

Sometimes, it’s not possible to avoid hair loss after cancer treatment. After all, cancer drugs are very strong. They target cells that divide quickly,...

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Can MSM Supplements Make Your Hair Stronger?

MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane. This is a chemical that contains sulfur. You can find MSM in plants and animals. There is also artificially made MSM. But...

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4 Tips to Treat Your Child’s Flaky Scalp

Does your child have cradle cap? It may be annoying. But, it’s very common. If you are having trouble getting rid of it, try...

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What Are the Possible Side Effects of Biotin Supplements for Thinning Hair?

Have you thought about using biotin supplements for thinning hair? Biotin is growing in popularity worldwide. People are using it to achieve stronger and shinier...

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Will Your Hair Grow Faster If You Stop Washing It?

Recent trends have suggested that not washing your hair helps it grow faster. Is that actually true? Keep reading to get further information on this...

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