Can You Use Scalp Scrubs If You Have Thinning Hair?

Can’t let go of your scalp scrubs? You may have to if your hair is thinning. Keep reading to find out why you can’t use scalp scrubs if you have thinning hair.

Thinning Hair in Women

Women experience thinning hair for different reasons. It may be psychological like stress or a sudden trauma. Or, it may be a vitamin deficiency.

Additionally, hair thinning may be caused by medications or an illness. Or, it may even be hereditary. Some hair conditions may be temporary. But, others are long-lasting.

How much is normal shedding? You may lose around 100 hairs a day. But, the actual number may vary from person to person. If your hair is genuinely thinning, you may want to stay away from scalp scrubs.

No Scalp Scrubs

So, why the ban on scalp scrubs? This is because if your hair is already weakened, scrubs may make it worse. The vigorous, scrubbing action may be too rough on fragile hair.

Furthermore, hair care products like scrubs help improve existing hair. But, they don’t help with a hair loss condition. Therefore, they shouldn’t be used to replace actual treatments.

In addition, the scrubbing or massaging action may cause further shedding. How? It circulates DHT in the bloodstream.

This metabolite is one of the main causes for both men and women. This is especially true for people who are genetically disposed to the condition. So, circulating it faster in the body can have negative consequences.

Final Thoughts

Hair products are great for the hair. But, they shouldn’t take the place of hair loss treatments. Therefore, you should not use scalp scrubs if you have thinning hair. It may cause your condition to worsen.

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