Can You Have a Receding Hairline and Not Go Bald?

People usually associate a receding hairline with baldness and tend to get concerned about their hair once they notice first signs of hair thinning around the scalp. But, does a receding hairline always mean you’re going bald? In this article, we will be going over the connection between a receding hairline and baldness.

Receding Hairline and Baldness

The condition that is typically characterized by a receding hairline is androgenetic alopecia, or pattern hair loss. It is caused by a “balding gene” that can be inactive in some people who carry it. However, once it’s activated, we start to experience first signs of pattern hair loss. This gene can be activated by a number of things, including stress and several underlying health conditions.

The first symptoms of this type of baldness are hair thinning (especially on the front of the head) and a receding hairline. However, not all cases are manifested with the same symptoms. Some people will experience shedding at the top without a receding hairline. This is especially true for early stages of the condition.

Receding Hairline without Baldness?

But, is it possible to experience a receding hairline without going bald? Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. If you notice your hairline is receding, but your hair is still very thick, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience shedding once the condition reaches the later stages.

If detected i time, your hair loss can be treated with topical medications like minoxidil, whose effectiveness has been clinically proven. Another popular treatment is the oral drug finasteride.

Final Word

A receding hairline and baldness often go hand-in-hand, so it’s very likely you’re experiencing a type of hair loss if you notice your hairline is receding. Visit your doctor so you can get a diagnosis and start treating your hair loss.

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