Can Hair Loss Affect Your Quality of Life?

Sudden hair loss can affect much more than just our looks. As we start to notice our hairline receding and start seeing lumps of hair in our hands after a shower, our self-esteem also suffers. Even more than that, losing hair also seems to affect your quality of life.

In this article, we will be looking at how hair loss affects quality of life.

Early Studies Exploring This Link

Studies published as early as 2001 explored the connection between hair loss and our quality of life. For example, one study found that hair loss is connected to heightened self-consciousness, low self-esteem, and the loss of self-confidence.

Another study examined how one specific type of hair loss – alopecia areata – affects quality of life. The scientists found that this condition significantly affects the quality of life, especially in patients who had more severe cases. This was also true for patients who went through acute stress six months before the study.

A New Chinese Study

The most recent study that looked into how hair loss affects quality of life was published in 2017. The scientists from Shandong University in Jinan asked 178 participants 10 questions that were all related to a specific aspect of their quality of life like work, relationships, and school.

After examining the results, the researchers found that the participants’ quality of life was moderately affected by hair loss. The patients who had a genetic type of hair loss (like male pattern baldness) were more affected by their condition than those who had alopecia areata.

Final Word

While hair loss affects quality of life, there is no reason to let this condition affect your self-esteem. The important thing is to check whether your hair loss is a sign of an underlying health condition. If not, you only have to deal with a cosmetic problem that affects many people around the world.

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