Can Caffeine Shampoos Help Against Hair Loss?

An easier way to treat your hair loss that doesn’t include the use of topical medication is to use a shampoo against thinning hair. Many shampoo companies have products that are advertised to help with hair loss. These shampoos will usually contain ingredients like zinc, copper, and different types of oils. Another very popular ingredient is caffeine. But, scientists have their doubts about the effectiveness of these treatments.

So, can you use caffeine shampoos against hair loss?

The Problem with Shampoos

Using shampoos with certain ingredients isn’t a very reliable way to combat any hair loss conditions. This is mostly because shampoos only stay on our scalp for a limited amount of time – we apply them, rub them in for a couple of seconds, and then rinse. During this short period, it’s highly unlikely that we will see any benefits.

Particularly concerning is the claim that shampoos can reverse hair damage. The only thing shampoo could do is possibly prevent further damage and make your hair look healthier.

Caffeine Shampoos Against Hair Loss

Many shampoo companies still claim that their caffeine formulas could help with hair loss. The most popular of these shampoos is Alpecin. This company often cites studies and uses scientific data to back up their claims.

For example, this University of Jena study from 2007 has often been mentioned as proof of caffeine’s efficacy. But, most of these studies have been done ex vivo – meaning that the hair follicles were removed from the subject and artificially grown.


More research is needed before we can confirm that you can use caffeine shampoos against hair loss. The effect of this substance on androgenetic alopecia is yet to be proven. It’s more likely that caffeine could benefit our hair growth cycle.

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