5 Surprising Facts About Gray Hair

Do you think you know everything about gray hair? Think again. Check out these 5 surprising facts about gray hair. And, learn to embrace this change.

1. It’s All in the Family

Ever wonder when you are going to go gray? If you’re planning for it, look at your other family members. You may get a good idea when it’s going to happen.

This is because graying often depends on genetics. So, the genetic similarity may be close enough to give you a timeline.

2. Fast Lifestyle Equals Faster Grays

Is your diet horrible? Are you consumed by stress? Your fast lifestyle may put you on the fast track for gray hair.

Your stress level, nutrition, and environmental factors may help your hair to turn color. Furthermore, smoking may also turn you gray prematurely. So, this is a good incentive to adjust your lifestyle.

3. Nutrients That Help with Gray Hair

If the previous point applies to you, there are nutrients that can help. Some foods may help keep the grays at bay. Try eating foods that are rich in copper, zinc, and iron. One study suggests that a deficiency in these minerals may help premature graying.

4. Make-Up Hacks to Cover Grays

Next, if you don’t have time to go to the salon, try this make-up trick. Use primer and eye shadow to cover up gray roots. It’s a temporary fix, but it may help in a snap.

5. Gray Hair Still Needs Sun Protection

Lastly, think your gray hair doesn’t need SPF care? Gray hair can still be damaged by the sun. This is because gray hair lacks pigment. And, that makes it more susceptible to damage.

One study revealed that UV light may melt the hair cortex without adequate protection. Consequently, leaving your hair damaged and brittle. So, your gray hair needs more protection, not less.

Final Thoughts

How many of these 5 surprising facts about gray hair surprised you? Some facts may help you prior to going gray, like your lifestyle. While others may help keep your grays manageable, like the SPF tip.

So, if you are genetically disposed to going gray, keep your new silver shade as vibrant as possible. Follow these tips to take care of it properly.

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