5 Reasons Why Hair Ties Are Bad for Your Hair

If you’re having a bad hair day, a hair tie could be just the thing you need. However, using them too often or in a wrong way can cause many problems. Here are some main reasons why hair ties are bad for your hair.

They’re Pulling Too Tight

A high pony may look fashionable, but it can put a lot of pressure on our hairline. This can sometimes result in traction alopecia – a specific type of baldness that is caused by constantly applying a pulling force on your hair.

Using Them on Wet Hair

This pulling force becomes even more effective when your hair is wet. If you really can’t stand wet hair getting in your face, wrap your hair in a silk headwrap instead of tying it and risking damage.

You’re Sleeping with a Hair Tie

Because we tend to toss and turn during the night, sleeping with a hair tie on can cause even more damage to our hair follicles. Try getting a silk pillow if you want to keep your hair down while you sleep.

You’re Using It on the Same Spot

The main reason why hair ties are bad for your hair is because many people tend to use them at the same spot over and over again. And, just like using heat too often, this too can affect your follicles. Try moving the hair tie around and sporting different styles.

They Have Metal Ends

Metal hair ties have become infamous for causing breakage. Go for hair scarfs or soft ties that are likely to cause much less damage than metal ones.

Final Word

So, there you go – the main reasons why hair ties are bad for your hair. Try to avoid using them as much as you can and make sure to choose a hairstyle that is the closest to the natural state of your hair.

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