5 Hair-Related Phobias You Must Overcome

Hair loss can be frightening. But sometimes a fear may actually be a phobia. Here are five hair related phobias that actually exist. And ways to manage them.

1. Fear Of Loose Hairs Or Hair Loss: Trichophobia

Do you get anxious when you see stray hairs on clothing? Or in the shower? This phobia fills some people with extreme fear when encountering situations like this. Or they have a fear of losing their own hair.

Alternatively, people that have this phobia may also think that there is something in their hair follicles that may stop hair from growing.

2. Fear Of Human Hair: Chaetophobia

Hair phobias can also get specific. Chaetophobia stems from an irrational fear of other people’s hair. And it may also extend to the person’s own hair.

3. Fear Of Getting A Haircut: Tonsurephobia

Feeling anxious about that haircut? This phobia takes that feeling to the extreme. People who suffer from this phobia often feel physical symptoms of their anxiety. Heart palpitations and sweating are some examples.

4. Fear Of Body Hair: Hypertrichophobia

This phobia focuses on a specific type of hair. Hypertrichophobia is an extreme fear of excessive body hair. This differs from trichophobia, which is a fear of hair on the scalp.

5. Fear Of Bald People Or Baldness: Peladophobia

Finally, it’s reasonable to fear hair loss. But sufferers of this phobia experience more than a little anxiety about the future.

This phobia is two-fold. Sufferers are scared of bald people. And they’re also afraid of going bald themselves.

What Can You Do?

Phobias can be overwhelming. And often impair a person’s ability to function daily. But there are treatments available, depending on the phobia.

Sometimes psychotherapy like exposure therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are used. Other times, doctors may also prescribe medications to help with anxiety and panic attacks.

Final Thoughts

Phobias are nothing to laugh at. Especially if you are the person suffering with one. So, if you think you may suffer from one of these five hair related phobias, speak with your doctor.

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