5 Best Ways To Use Potato For Hair Loss

Lack of minerals and vitamins causes dry and brittle hairs which can result in hair fall (alopecia). Potato is a rich source of Vitamin A, B, C, Vitamin B6, zinc, copper, niacin, phosphorus, manganese, and fiber. Potato juice makes hair shiny, lustrous and beautiful by closing the hair cuticles. Also, this vegetable helps in unclogging follicles and cleansing the hair scalp. Potatoes, when used as a hair mask, will give you excellent hair growth in just a few weeks.


5 Best Ways To Use Potato For Hair Loss

Tip 1: Potato Juice

Potato juice gives strength to hair, conditions it naturally and minimizes hair damage. It also boosts the blood circulation and prevents the impurities from the follicles.



a) Grind around 3 to 5 cleaned potatoes and squeeze out the juice from it.
b) Store it in a container.
c) Now apply this fresh juice directly all over the scalp.
d) If the puree is too thick, dilute it with water.
e) Keep it on for nearly half an hour to 1 hour.
f) Just avoid from getting it dry.
g) Finally, wash it off with water.
h) Apply the juice to your hairs every time you wash it.

Tip 2: Potato Hair Mask

It acts as a fantastic conditioner when used along with honey and egg. And if you have dry hairs, it is the perfect hair treatment.


You Will Need:

a) 1 tablespoon honey
b) 1 egg yolk
c) 2 potatoes
d) 2 tablespoon lemon juice


a) Rinse off the potatoes with clean water.
b) Grate and squeeze out the juice out of it.
c) Add honey, lemon juice, and egg yolk into it.
c) Mix them well to form a hair mask.
d) Now apply it all over the scalp and leave it undisturbed for 1/2 hour.
e) Finally, wash your hair off with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.
f) Use it twice a week to prevent hair fall and dandruff.

Tip 3: Boiled Potatoes Water

It will help to give healthy and long hairs.


a) Peel out around 3 to 4 potatoes and allow them to boil for 10 to 15 minutes.
b) Cool down the water and Use it afterward to rinse your hairs.
c) Just repeat this procedure 5 to 6 times frequently.

Tip 4: Onion Juice + Potato Juice</span

Similar to the potato juice, the juice of onions is a remarkable hair growth agent.

You Will Need:

a) 1 medium sized onion
b) 1 large potato



a) Rinse off the potatoes and peel off their skin.
b) Cut the onion and potato into small pieces.
c) Now blend them till you get a smooth paste.
d) If the mixture is too thicker, dilute it with water.
e) Extract out the juice and store it in a container.
f) Massage this puree all over the scalp for around 5 to 10 minutes.
g) Cover your scalp and hairs starting from roots to tips.
h) Leave it for nearly extra 15 minutes.
i) Wash it off with cold water.
j) Use this remedy once a week.

Tip 5: Potato Juice + Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has antimicrobial properties and works as a fantastic conditioner to cure dandruff and thereby stimulates hair growth.


You Will Need:

a) 2 tablespoon aloe vera gel
b) 1 large potato


a) Extract out the juice from the potato and add it to the aloe vera gel to make a smooth puree.
b) Massage it all over your scalp and leave it for half an hour.
c) Finally, wash it off with cold or lukewarm water.
d) Use this procedure twice a week.


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