4 Tips To Combat Hair Loss Using Banyan Tree

Who doesn’t desire for lustrous long hair? And you can’t deny the pros of banyan tree roots for this. It is also known as ‘wish-fulfilling’ tree, and you can quickly identify them via its broad leaves and aerial roots. Its different parts like as barks, latex, leaves the result in numerous advantages on skin, hair, and health. For centuries, Banyan tree has been used for better hair growth. Its roots can minimise hair fall by strengthening hair follicles.

Tip 1: Banyan Tree Root + Lemon

Firstly, take a small piece of banyan tree root nearly 4 inches long. Then grind it into a smooth powder. Now add lemon juice to it. Apply it to your scalp and hair to prevent hair loss.

Tip 2: Banyan Tree + Linseed Oil

Mix 20 to 25 grams banyan tree leaves ash with 100 millimeters of linseed oil.Now massage it on your head. It will result in new strong hair.

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Tip 3: Banyan Tree Leaves + Mustard Oil

This mixture is highly effective in countering all type of hair problems. To prepare it, start by mixing equal amount of mustard oil with soft banyan tree leaves extract. Next, cook the mixture until it becomes a paste. Now it’s time to apply it to your hair.

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Tip 4: Banyan Tree Leaves + Lemon Hair Mask

This ayurvedic treatment helps in eliminating extra oil from the scalp and treats dandruff to a great extent.

First, take a 3 to 4 fresh small banyan tree leaves. Rinse them thoroughly and crush them to make a paste. Now boil it in a 500 milliliter of water for about 10 minutes. Strain the mixture and keep it aside to cool down. Now pour this mixture into a glass bowl. Add fresh lemon juice to it and mix it well. Voila, your solution is ready to use!

Make sure that you have a damp hair when you apply this mixture. You can even put this mix after washing. Use lukewarm water for damping hair. Now apply it all over your hair length and everywhere including the scalp. Gently massage your hair while applying. Put on a shower cap on your hair and leave it undisturbed for nearly one hour. Finally, wash locks with lukewarm water and use mild shampoo afterward. Repeat this process once or twice a week. In the case you have hair breakage problem, use this procedure daily.

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